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Airway Guedel Size 4 (10cm)

Airway Guedel Size 4 (10cm)

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Airway Guedels are a critical item for any advanced trauma response to keep airways clear of obstruction when providing advanced first response treatment. Patient Safety and Comfort – Made out of clear PVC for patient safety and coated with a soft finish for comfort Individually Wrapped – Each instrument is packed individually for patient hygiene Biting Block – Built into the airway is a rigid biting block, used to prevent the compression or blocking of airways Easy Identification – Each airway is colour coded to it’s size for quick and easy identification Latex Free – Suitable for sensitive bodies Various brands including Add-teck, Parker Healthcare, Covidien, Carefusion, Flexicare Medical, Medasil. These are classified as low risk. Manufacturer, reference number and expiration dates are not documented.

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