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Adult Oxygen Non-Rebreathing Mask - Box Of 50

Adult Oxygen Non-Rebreathing Mask - Box Of 50

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Adult High-Oxygen Concentration Therapy mask is an essential item in emergency medicine, high flow oxygen therapy, and resuscitation. This item is moulded from superior odour-free vinyl and this mask is made for ultimate function and comfort. The mask features a thick elastic strap and an adjustable aluminium nose clip to ensure the most secure and comfortable fit for the patient. The 2-meter translucent tubing will connect to all medical oxygen therapy units with an oxygen outlet nipple. Adult High-Oxygen Concentration Therapy masks also include a 2500 oxygen reservoir bag.

This mask can be used with all oxygen regulators/flow meters with an oxygen outlet nipple and emergency oxygen kits. It is not recommended to be used with an oxygen concentrator. Please check with your doctor or medical professional to ensure you have the correct medical oxygen therapy mark for your use.

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